Activity 3: Pre-Assessment for Differentiation

In my third grade this year I had a wide range of ability. It was sometimes a struggle bringing together my Exploring, Emerging and Experts into engaged learning. For core subjects such as reading and math I have centers that help me reach all levels of learning. For science and socials studies I find it a bit more difficult to reach all learners. This year I used pre-assesment to understand prior knowledge and find out more about what students know.

Unit: Movement and Energy

I love teaching science due to the endless opportunities to do project based learning. Based on the pre- assessment results I created 2 different projects. My Exploring and Emerging groups completed the same hands on activity, but then had to apply what they have learned in different ways. These students completed week long mini projects and activities. Students kept a journal that tracked how the term related to the project or activity. The Emerging group was asked to writing about the connection to the term. My exploring group discussed with the teacher then needed to write the term in their journal.

My expert group, completed whole different project during this time. This year we worked a lot on readers theater. Since I know they were comfortable with this format I created a project where the students had to create a play where they applied a term such a momentum, push & pull, friction, energy, weight to a real life example. Students were paired in a group where they typed up a play, created props and presented the play to the class. This play acted as their assesment and a review for other students. Students in this group were given resources such as hand out and books to help create their play.

Pre- Assessment for Energy and Motion:Quiz_energymotionpreassessment.pdf

Pre- Assessment Results Lesson Differentiation:


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