formative assessments for a learning objective

Archdiocese of Washington Science Standard: The Physical Setting: Students observe changes of Earth and the sky. They continue to explore the concepts of energy and motion

Objective: Students will participate in a science experiment and complete a lab report on the effect of friction. Students will observe friction as a force that can slow down objects in motion.

  1. Formative Assessment: New Clothes -“Take a given topic—thesis statements, push-pull factors, the scientific process, etc.—and describe how it can be used in some way other than how you’ve been taught.”-

In class we learned about about the effect of friction and how the force can slow down an object in motion. Friction is important in real life situations, you have 3 minute to discuss with your table when in life friction would be helpful. Make sure you discuss what would be used to create the friction. The team captain will be asked to share with the class. When I say the word of the day please begin your discussion.

This formative assessment would be helpful because it would have the students take the learned science concept and relate it to world we live in.

2. Formative Assessment: Draw it- Draw the concept and show you understand!

In class we completed a science experiment and we learned about the concept of friction. Please take this paper and draw what you do understand about friction. You may draw an example of when friction is used, use fancy letters to label your picture or draw your understanding of what happened today in our experiment.

This formative assessment would benefit my classroom because students who may not be able to write in words their understanding, would have a chance to show their comprehension of the topic. Due to this being a formative assesment it’s okay that they are not writing their answers.

3. Formative Assessment: Handshake- Make a handshake with the important information.

Today we learned about friction. Find a partner and create handshake to remember the concept. In your handshake you need (write on the board) to explain what friction is, a movement to remember and the word friction and force. I will come around and watch your handshake.

This is a assessment I do in my classroom. For students that don’t like to write they thrive with this assessment. Students have to show their understanding through movement.



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