Teaching-Learning Situations

I like to think I hold high expectation for all my students in the classroom. After watching the videos assigned, the way I go about maintaining expectation can be improved.

In all the clips selected, the teachers hold high performance expectations for their students. Each teacher requires every student to listen, repeat and use the information learned for a purpose. In the STEM video the teacher required all students to justify their decisions in making their roller coaster. Students had to take leading roles in discussions and voice opinions. The teacher was able to asses students and  work with students with misconceptions. The teacher was able to give learning roles to students. The students roles reflected their talents. The students were able to work as a team to assist each other in a end result. All students were held to a high performance expectations in the Stem classroom.


Students are held to high behavior expectations in each scenario. Although you don’t see teachers reminding children of behaviors or disciplining, teachers are requiring students to be engaged learners. In the middle school science class, students are expected to repeat learned information and use hand signals. Students must participate and are accountable for helping their peers learn. Students have high expectations in the classroom therefore their behavior must live up to the expectations.

In classrooms with high expectations their are norms and procedures that help run a smooth and effective classroom. In all classrooms in the videos their was a level of respect. Students listened intently to the teacher and their peers. During the Chinese math class students,  students listened  and participated in a way that respected their peers and themselves. Students also valued each others thoughts and opinions. In the STEM class, students had to collaborate ideas. Students had to work together and value opinions. The norms help create a classroom with high expectations and a happy working environment.

All three videos, hold students to high expectations. Students and teachers have to do their part in creating an environment where challenge is a good thing. Students must take the challenge head on, teachers should be ready to give guidance and support.