Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate

November 29, 2015

I think all people can look back and think of that one teacher and classroom that they loved. I think we all learned a little more that year then any other. Why? It’s simple we felt valued, cared for and important.

Creating a positive classroom environment involves looking at all aspects of your classroom and teaching style. It has been proven that when the teacher models respect to their students, students will respect themselves, their teachers and their peers. Bullying and cyberbullying is a big issue in schools. According to Edutopia, Smart Hearts, creating a classroom atmosphere that supports peer problem solving, lowers bullying in the classroom. This is giving each student a voice and to remind them their emotions are important. Weekly classroom  meetings or Tribes can be easily implemented into a classroom. It would be really important to know how to lay out the program and make sure everyone is heard. According to Teaching Tolerance creating a social and emotional classroom is important for students to learn to accept differences and understandings. Students should be reminded to “listen respectfully,” ask questions and “put-downs are never okay”.

In a positive classroom, it is important for all students to know they have  unique gifts, talents and traditions. Students should learn in the classroom that everyone posses different qualities that make them special. I should educate myself about the students different cultures and religions at the beginning of the year. Teaching Tolerance recommends  ongoing learning  and reflections. Students differences should be celebrated and given a platform to educate others. Teachers can put up signs and symbols in the classroom to show that the classroom is a “safe zone” or “bully free zone.” These signs are good reminders that the classroom is standing against bias. Students should understand what the signs and symbols mean and why they are in the classroom. Teachers should also commit to creating a better world in front of their students. I should be held accountable for my promises. Letting my students know my personal goals is letting them get me. This is also helping each student feel connected.

Every morning, I stand at the door to greet my students. I think students perception of their day starts as soon as they walk into the door. It is my job as an educator to create a positive learning environment. Students will learn more and grow if they feel loved. It has been said that the most difficult children need the most love. As a teacher it’s important to find each child’s interests and motivation. All children should feel like they have a teacher who cares about their success.






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